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Want to Host a Camp?

Want to help bring more experts to your community? Want to make some money while you do it? Hosting a NextGen Camp will accomplish both of those things, with 15% of all proceeds being donated directly to the host's program!

Want to Participate in a Camp?

We don't currently have any camps planned, but if you want to participate in one, encourage your coach to reach out to us! We can help your team raise some money AND get you involved in a camp.

Want to Know More?

Keep on scrolling! We've got more details on the page below!

If you read it all and still have questions, feel free to check out our FAQ or contact us directly!


Want To Know When We Release Camp Details?

Thanks For Submitting! Camp Info Coming Soon!

Want To Host A NextGen Camp In Your Area?

Why would I do that?

That sounds like a lot of work...


  • Fundraising for your program

  • Discounts for your athletes

  • Convenient Location for your team

It's not. We promise.

Your responsibilities would include giving us the contact information of your AD. We take everything from there--marketing, organization, planning, coaching--the whole shabang.

The best part?

As a thank you for letting us use your space, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to your school's program. We know that budgets can be an obstacle for cheer teams of all skill levels, so we're hoping that our business model can ease that burden for families and teams all across the state!

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