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Our Philosophy:

Teenagers are the most slept-on age group in the world. They are capable of truly incredible things, but they're often told that they're "just kids," and nothing more.


Coaches at NextGen Athletics are trained to dissolve that perception, and help your teams step into the mind of elite athletes. In doing so, our clients consistently achieve things they didn't even believe were possible.


It's our mission to maximize the potential of every person we come across.


Any Skill ; Any Time

Whether your teams are working on back bends, fulls, or anything in between, our coaches will progress your athletes safely and quickly, honing their mindsets until excellence is the default, not the goal.

Why Us?

Rigorous Staff Training

All of our coaches, (regardless of experience), are required to go through our training.

This includes shadowing, supervised coaching, and proficiency tests. We want our coaches to consistently be the best in Michigan.

The Next Generation...
NextGen Athletics LLC

The Next Generation...

Contact Us:

P: 269-841-4514

Talk to you soon. ;)

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We're opening up a physical space soon.


Welcome to the Next Generation

Oh, and College Prep camps are on the horizon......just saying.

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