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  • Where do you find your drills?
    Our team has over a century of combined tumbling experience, and it is constantly growing. We start with a base of what we learned as young athletes, and constantly form new iterations of skills and drills to meet the demands of the new generation. In short, we draw on our own and each others’ experiences in order to cultivate the best-possible curriculum for our athletes.
  • What are your specialties?
    Each of our coaches is being trained to specialize in one particular field of Michigan Cheerleading. Most of our coaches are primarily tumbling coaches, with sub-focuses on stunting and routine-cleaning; however, other coaches are particularly good at cleaning up routines or stunting. Whatever your needs are, we’ll send the appropriate coach your way.
  • My last tumbling coach was awful! Why should I trust you?
    Unfortunately, we hear this one a lot. Because there traditionally haven’t been a lot of qualifications for a tumbling coach, anybody with any kind of cheer background could try to pass themselves off as an experienced coach. That’s where we come in. Regardless of experience, ALL NextGen Coaches are required to go through our training. Through our training, we ensure that our coaches are able to spot and effectively coach all standing and running skills your athletes might need to learn for your routine. Additionally, you have our word that NextGen coaches have access to information that took hundreds of hours and lifetimes of experience to gather. Our coaches are a community of individuals constantly striving to be the best coaches they can be, and we are here to support each other, and of course, you.
  • Isn’t it against the rules to continue classes into the summer?
    We thought so too, until we realized that we just can’t schedule our classes through the high school coach. As long as it is our event, and we are not coordinating it with a school coach, we are able to conduct classes as normal!
  • Do you spot fulls?
    Not all of our coaches spot fulls, but if that is a need you have, we will make sure we match you with a coach that does!
  • How do I sign up?
    There are tons of buttons and links throughout the website! If you have trouble finding the right one, you can always feel free to reach out to us though! Email or phone work great. 🙂
  • How much does a class cost?
    Typically we charge $12/athlete for a 1-hour session or $15/athlete for a 1.5-hour session.
  • We’re a school looking to work with you guys…how can we pay?
    There are two ways you can pay–first, you can pay for the entire season up front. This is a great option for programs that have solid fundraising, or can collect the money from their athletes up front. The second way you can pay is by monthly invoice. If you choose this option, we do charge $30/month to get the invoices processed.
  • Can’t we just pay in cash weekly?
    Unfortunately, this is not an option for school programs. We only accept checks at this time. However, if you are an athlete looking for off-season training, we will be accepting cash at the door.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Typically 1-1.5 hours. In our experience, 1.5 hours is both long enough to give a group detailed and individualized instruction, but short enough to keep their attention. 2+ hours can lead to diminishing returns--especially with younger groups. With 1-hour sessions, our coaches don't always have the flexibility to instruct optimally.
  • What is a session like?
    Your athletes will be taken through our warm-up and line drills, focusing on specific tumbling techniques that will help their fundamentals shine. From there, we will typically break out into groups where athletes will work on skill-specific drills, exercises, and techniques while they wait to receive individual feedback.
  • How many coaches will be attending?
    Our rule of thumb is to send one coach for every 10 athletes in a class. This gives the athletes a chance to get plenty of individual feedback while allowing coaches to work with more athletes and bigger groups.
  • Do you work with all skill levels?
    Yes! In fact, we work with all age groups as well. Got a motivated youth team? We got you. Got a mix of experienced and inexperienced middle/high schoolers? We got you. Got existential dread? We--okay maybe we don't got you there...May we recommend therapy? 😅
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Currently we don't have a gym space to accommodate private lessons, but we could absolutely work something out if you are open to getting trained on a nice patch of grass. And if you want to help us put a payment down on a gym, we wouldn't be opposed either... 👀
  • Our school is in the middle of nowhere! Can you still help us?
    We will do our absolute best to! We make sure to incentivize our coaches to help remote teams by offering a generous driving bonus. Definitely reach out to us and see if we can send a coach your way!
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