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Meet Our Team!

We are a community of over a dozen coaches with a common goal: We're going to bring Michigan Cheerleading to the next level. You think we're good now? We're just getting started.

When we started, we only focused on tumbling--Already, we're beginning to specialize our abilities, each of us becoming experts in either tumbling, stunting, or routine-cleaning.


Think you have what it takes to be a part of the Next Generation of coaches?

Tumbling Physicians

Technique Fanatics ; Professional Encouragers ; Round 2 + 3 Experts

Routine Cleaners

This group will make sure each of your routines is as immaculate as it can be. We're talking sharp motions, pristine vocals. Want somebody to pick apart every detail of your routine? You're in the right section of NextGen Coaches.

Stunting Masters

As Master Yoda once said, "Squeeze core, you will."

(or something like that.)

Our stunting coaches are trained to optimize your athlete's coed or group stunting abilities, whichever your needs are.

Job App

Perks of being a NextGen Coach:

  • We pay significantly better than other tumbling companies we've seen.

    • We know how hard you've worked to get the knowledge that you have, and your skills are incredibly valuable! You should be compensated well for that.

    • Just because you love to do something doesn't mean you shouldn't get paid well for it. Shame on anybody that says otherwise.

  • You will be supported by some of the best coaches in the industry.

    • We are a community, so if you want access to a large and constantly-growing pool of elite coaching knowledge, you're in the right place.
  • You will be encouraged to become a better coach and person. We strongly believe that athletics is about much more than the sport itself, so personal development as a NextGen Coach is a necessity.

Challenges of being a NextGen Coach: (With great perks comes great responsibility.)

  • You know how we said personal development is a necessity? Well, we're holding you to that. Every NextGen coach MUST have at least one personal athletic goal and one coaching goal at all times. You'll update your progress towards these goals weekly on a shared Google Drive where we all encourage and give each other feedback!

    • If you're a retired gymnast or cheerleader, maybe it's getting your back handspring again. Maybe your coaching goal is to be able to help one of our girls beat a mental block she's had for 3 years prior to working with us. Whatever your goals are, you'll be expected to keep track of your weekly progress, so be ready for that!

  • You'll need to check your email!

    • Crazy, right? You'll make your very own work email, and, (WOW), have to check it regularly! We send out a lot of important information over email, so if you don't know your way around Gmail, it's time to figure that out!

  • You'll need to pay attention to your schedule!
    • Due to the nature of this industry, your schedule will not be regular. You'll usually have the same hours, but the number of times per month varies, so you'll need to stay on top of whether you have practice or not. Luckily for you, we use not one, but TWO apps to make your schedule easy to locate.
  • You are expected to constantly improve. As a NextGen Coach, stagnation is completely unacceptable. If you aren't ready to constantly stay on top of the game, learn new techniques, create your own, and collaborate with your community, then you aren't ready to work with us. Seriously. If that sounds like too much, save everyone some time and PLEASE don't apply. If that excites you? Get ready to make some waves. ;)

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