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Off-Season Tumbling

Basic Summary:

  • Time: 60-minute sessions
  • Location: Schools near you
  • Skill Level: Class-dependent
  • Innovative coaching styles
  • Passionate Instructors

Clinic Description

Our off-season tumbling classes will have less structure than their on-season counterparts due to the fact that there will be an even larger variety of skills, athletes, and needs.

If you are looking for an open-gym style class with knowledgeable coaches present to guide you, you're looking in the right place.

Good tumbling is built through consistency, and it's not uncommon for athletes to stop training completely in the summer.

It is against MHSAA rules for coaches to require any activity at one of our off-season opportunities, but it is highly-encouraged that any athlete wishing to dramatically improve their skills attends.

We are SO excited to be offering this opportunity to our athletes across the state!

Important Details

Where are classes held?

  • Our coaches will come directly to a facility near you.

How many coaches will you send?

  • We stay close to a 10:1 ratio of athletes to coaches to ensure ample individual feedback.

Do we need insurance?

  • Our service is fully insured, but we do ask that you fill out a waiver and other forms through our online portal.

Do you only offer tumbling services?

  • No! We also offer summer stunting, as well as semi-private and private lessons if you really want to get an edge for next year

How should we pay?

  • Payments will be collected by credit card through our online portal. Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to get started!

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